23 February 2010

Making the Rounds Again

Once again that time of year has arrived, where we are applying for kindergartens.  Last year we applied for the Spielgruppe (playgroup) for two-year-olds, and we were accepted into two Waldorf kindergartens, we'll call them A & B.    At the time we thought we were going to move, so we went with Waldorf A which would be closest to our new location.  It was a difficult choice to make because the Waldorf B was only ten minutes away and we liked both schools very much.  Well, we did not move, and since October we have been making an half-hour commute to drop-off and pick-up Max at Spielgruppe.

Being in Waldorf A's Spielgruppe did not guarantee us a spot in their kindergarten.  So, this year we once again are making the rounds, applying for the 3-6 year-old kindergarten classes.  In addition to Waldorf A, we applied to Waldorf B, hoping our decision not to send Max to their Spielgruppe wouldn't affect his ability to get in.  We also applied to a Waldkindergarten, which is an outdoor kindergarten.  Five days a week, for four hours a day, the children play outside in all, but the extremest of weathers.  On extreme weather days, the kindergarten has alternate activities planned in indoor venues like museums and librarys.

On Saturday we received a letter from Waldorf A, saying that Max would not be able to attend their kindergarten in September, which admittedly disappoints me.  I was sort of expecting this answer, as they had very limited space available.  However, I still feel a little bit slighted.

However, I am trying to look at the sweeter side of Waldorf A's answer.  The other two kindergartens are within easy walking distance to where we live, and it would not be difficult to get Max there in the mornings.  Waldorf B has a very nice facility, and the Waldkindergarten has a special appeal to me.  Paul grew up in the country, and from three to eight-years-old, I lived in the country.  Both of us spent hours and hours playing outdoors in all sorts of weather.  And we have very fond memories of that, and we think it would be a great experience for Max.

Now we wait to find out if Max was accepted into either of the other two kindergartens.  We are supposed to hear from the Waldkindergarten this week, and next week we have our interview with Waldorf A.  Hopefully, one of these will work out, or I will have to resort to Plan B.  I'm not exactly sure what Plan B is yet.

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