20 October 2010

An Amphibous Child

Max will not let the fact that he is the only non-German speaking child in his kindergarten hold him back  No, no he would figure a way around the language barrier.   When Paul dropped Max off at kindergarten yesterday, Max hopped into the classroom, and immediately transformed into a little amphibian.  "Rib-bit, rib-bit!" ia apparently an internationally recognized greeting amongst children ages three to six.  Followed by a few more croaks and zaps of the tongue, Max was soon the center of attention, provoking a few more amphibious lurkers to come out of hiding, as well making other giggle.  Apparently our little comedian has built a following at his kindergarten, because today when he arrived at school, his little fans swarmed him anxious to hear his newest animal impersonation.

It is amazing to think that I was ever worried about my child being intimidated by the language.  He is truly his father's child and would be able to make friends with a lamp post.

Picadillo is Cooking in My Kitchen

New favorite recipe is a traditional Cuban or Brazillian dish, Picadillo.  We can at least safely say it is Latin American.  I did not make many changes to this recipe, I  halved the hotter spices like chili and the paprika, thinking my kids might eat it if it wasn't too spicy.  I was wrong.  I also added rice and beans to the mix so that the rice would cook in the juices of the Picadillo. Mmm, mmm, mmm, muy muy delicioso!