01 March 2010

Sneak Peak into the Future

Paul: Maxi, how was school today?

Max:  (blank stare)

Paul:  Did you play with anyone?

Max:  Maxi played.

Me:  Did you play with Lena?  Daniel?  Isabella? Jonathon?

Max:  Maxi played.

Paul:  What did you play with?

Max:  Maxi played.

Me:  Did you play with Autos?  KugelbahnPuppenwagen?

Max:  Maxi played.

Me:  Did you sing? Dance? Cook?

Max:  (rolls eyes at his hopeless parents and sighs)

Me to Paul:  Wow, I didn't think it was supposed to be this hard to communicate until his teenage years.

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nathalie said...

our questions get the following answer: "i don´t know." hmmm. now i know why my dad was always so frustrated when i said that very thing. yesterday when i picked him up, hannah told me that elias had been crying while they were outside, but that no one knew why. sometimes other people´s kids can be sooo helpful!