05 May 2010

Productive Procrastination

Tonight before Max went to bed, he insisted on picking up all the stuffed toys off the floor.  This was 100% procrastination on his part, but who am I to complain?   I’m just relieved that they are up off the floor. 
After two attempts yesterday to put the stuffed toys on their shelves, only to have them knocked down almost immediately by Maggie and then Max, I surrendered to a play area with a plush floor.   So tonight, when Max was picking up the toys to avoid going to bed, I didn’t fight with him.  He stuffed and crammed them into all the available spots in the toy bins.  If they didn’t fit into the bins, he stuffed them on top of the books, and when there was no more room there, he piled them up on the toy kitchen.  Of course this means that he completely overlooked the four empty shelves where the stuffed animals normally sit. 
At one point this would have freaked me out.  Every toy has its proper space, and I’ve spent many hours sorting out the toys and separating the blocks into their appropriate bins.  I would dive under the furniture; pull up the couch cushions and search the corners until every last block, ball and car were accounted for.    Now, I’m just grateful for any help in trying to conquer the toys that have taken over our lives. 
It is definitely tempting to let him delay his bed time this way every night, even if a few toys end up in the kitchen sink.


Danette said...

he he... end up in the kitchen sink. Like that last line.

Nadine said...


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