20 October 2010

Picadillo is Cooking in My Kitchen

New favorite recipe is a traditional Cuban or Brazillian dish, Picadillo.  We can at least safely say it is Latin American.  I did not make many changes to this recipe, I  halved the hotter spices like chili and the paprika, thinking my kids might eat it if it wasn't too spicy.  I was wrong.  I also added rice and beans to the mix so that the rice would cook in the juices of the Picadillo. Mmm, mmm, mmm, muy muy delicioso!

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Adri said...

Yummy! I used to love picadillo and white rice (no beans in the mix)... :D I was a really picky eater as a kid. And we don't usually add any hot spices to it, just red bell peppers.