06 October 2008

It feels a little like Christmas

Last week, our container from the United States arrived. Even though it was all stuff we had lived with for years in the United States, we weeped with joy to see our couches, our beds and our winter clothes. The night after the movers moved us in was like Heaven. I don’t think we’ve ever enjoyed sleeping in our bed as much as we did that night.

For the first month and a half, we slept on a cheap air mattress, from Real (Germany’s Walmart), with a thin blanket. Max slept in a playpen, and as for furniture, we had a few camping chairs and camping table lent to us from friends as well as a handful of dishes that we had to wash in-between every meal.

When Paul made breakfast Sunday morning, he used two pans to cook the French toast and one for the sausages. You don’t know what a luxury it is to have two pans to cook with, until you’ve been cooking with only one for over a month.

The time before our container arrived, we lived with the few clothes that we brought over in our suitcases. Unfortunately, when I packed for myself, I forgot that Germany is as far north as Canada, and only brought summer clothes. They proved useful for all of about three days. The one pair of jeans and one sweatshirt I had were starting to take on a life of their own by the time our stuff got here.

Well, now almost a week later, we are pretty much completely packed. It’s hard to believe that we lived in a house three times the size of our apartment. Our furniture actually fits, and we have to buy a few more things, like wardrobes. Apparently, Germans don’t believe in closets.

Hopefully, we’ll be living here for awhile, because I’m not looking forward to another trans-Atlantic move.

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Maggie May said...

what a great life you have! are you going to post pictures of Germany?
i always say any movie that begins with 'munich' written as the place of events is going to be good.