17 October 2008

My Dog Hit a Car

Paul was out walking Asia with a neighbor and the neighbor's dog. It's pretty common in Germany to let your dog run off leash, even in the busy parts of town. German dogs are so well behaved, they never run away from their owners. We've even seen owners leave their dogs outside of the grocery store while they run in to get something. The dog won't be hooked up to anything, but will sit there patiently waiting for the owner.

Asia isn't a German dog, and she has her limitations. She probably will never be that well behaved, so we keep her on leash most of the time. However, there are certain paths, where there are no cars, that we let her off leash to play and run and burn off some of her wild energy. Paul and our neighbor were on such a path. Paul overestimated Asia's limits, and didn't get her back on leash soon enough as they were nearing the end of the path. Asia darted out the path and across the street. As she turned around to run back across Paul, she ran head on into the side of a moving car.

Tires screeched, brakes slammed and our neighbor screamed. Asia ran straight home to me. Luckily she didn't get thrown under the car. I imagine that she sort of bounced off the car. Paul took her to the veterinarian the next day, and she only had minor cuts and abraisions. Nothing serious was wrong. He told Paul that "Asia is the luckiest dog in the world."


Denise said...

Yikes! That is scary! Glad she is okay.

Angela said...

Wow. Congrats on having the luckiest dog in the world! I am glad to hear that Asia is ok.