19 March 2012

Maxi Organizing His Life

Conversation with Maxi today while getting dressed:

"Mama, I don't like you, I like Daddy, because Daddy has a new house."
I keep listening as he goes on.
"No, Mama I like you too. I'm sorry that I get mad at you and call you stupid.  That makes you sad."
I reassure him, that we all get angry sometimes, and that I know that he doesn't mean what he says, but that I still have to correct him, because I love him.  
"He looks at me, and says, Mama, you get angry sometimes too, but you don't call me stupid."
I say, "Yes baby, because it is not nice to say mean things."
He gives me a big hug, and says "Mama I'm sorry I called you stupid, I love you."

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