13 March 2012

Thank You to My Friends & Family

My sister has a great mantra in life. You can't control how other people feel, you can only control how you feel.  If my separation and impending divorce have taught me nothing, I have learned that this is much harder to say than do.  Overall, though, I've been able to find some peace with my new situation in life.  I could be bitter, I could be angry, I could fall apart at every given opportunity, and whine and cry all day long.  Sometimes I do all of these things, but somehow I've also managed to be strong, and in a lot of ways I'm weathering this storm with a semblance of grace.

I credit the amazing group of friends and family I have back home, here and in Munich.  They have come to my aide by holding Maggie while she had pneumonia so I could get stuff done around the house.  They have watched my sick children so I could run errands.  They have brought me homemade kimchi and other yummy homemade meals.  They have validated my feelings, whether they be love, anger, sadness or relief.  They have opened their hearts and their homes to me, and they have included me in their families.  They have kept me company, and they have sent me messages of comfort and wisdom.  They have treated me like a queen on my birthday, and they have taken me out to listen to music.  They have edited my resume and helped me with my job search.  They have spoken truths, helped me to alter my perception, and kept me grounded.   Most of all, they have made me feel beautiful, loved and not alone.

Most of all, thank you to my children, who keep me laughing and remind me on a daily basis that life is beautiful.

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