03 April 2012

Adventures in Toilet Training

Reason # 299 why I like Munich is because of the International Children's Library located in the Schloss BlutenbergSince I got the car, the kids and I visit the library once every couple weeks, and yesterday was our first trip during toilet training.  It was a comedy of errors to begin with, and I should have just stayed home.

First, I got to the library parking lot only to realize that I had left the library books at home, so I turned around and went back home.  Half-an-hour later, we pulled into the parking lot again, and Maggie was sound asleep.  Now, Maggie is not a morning person, and she absolutely hates it when I wake her up, so by the time I was finally able to pry her arched body out of the car seat, she was absolutely hysterical.  As I'm holding her, and she is crying her little eyes out as if she just lost her favorite teddy bear, she wets herself and me.  And I'm not talking about a little sprinkle, but a full on waterfall, her pants are practically see-through because of the wetness, and my sweatshirt is a puddle, with pee dripping down MY  legs.   

So now, we are both soaked, and, because the temperature is just above freezing, Maggie is wet & COLD which only adds to her hysteria.  I try putting her down, and this doesn't calm her, but makes her more upset.  So I pick her back up, and drag her over to the trees, where I proceed to strip and change her into the one extra outfit I had packed in the library book bag.   Her sneakers are also soaked, so I'm resigned to carrying her the rest of the way.

Of course, I forgot to bring a plastic bags to put the wet clothes in, and protect the library books, but as this is Munich, there are doggy stands placed strategically in public places, like the park in back of Schloss Blutenburg, so I sit Maggie down with her brother who is enjoying watching the ducks, and I run back up to the path to grab some complimentary doggy poo bags. 

The whole 63 seconds I'm gone, I get very evil looks from passerbys who are watching Maggie standing in the grass screaming her little lungs out.  By the time I get back to Maggie, she's wet herself yet again.   How that girl had any pee left in her is beyond me. At this point, a little more pee isn't going to hurt anyone, so with a screaming Maggie in my arms, and Max trailing behind us, we beeline it for the library to return the books, only to figure out that we left one audio cd in the car and two books at home. 


Danette said...

You can tell I don't have kids by the fact that I could never attempt to continue on once I've been peed on. I would have had to go home right then!

Nathalie said...

We should coincide our trips to the library, not only our fever days!
Hope you are feeling better.