09 April 2012

Leaving Hohe Tauern

On my first day, it was cloudy, on my second day, it rained, on my third day it snowed, and on my fourth day, when I was leaving, the sun came out.  Overall, Hohe Tauern was exactly what I had hoped.  It was peaceful, it was relaxing, I was able to live the writers life of a recluse for one long weekend, I was able to get some hiking in, and I was able to get some work done, though not as much as I should have, because I still had the Internet to waste time on.

The only obstacle I came across, was who was going to take photos of me with this amazing backdrop?  I had two options, the first, to find a hunky local Austrian to take my photo, or the second, use my tripod, my camera's timer, and hope for the best.  Sadly, I had to go with the latter choice, and these were my results, poorly focused, badly balanced and slightly corny shots of me trying to pose.
 Day 1:  Cloudy
Day 4: Sunny

And one last final shot that I pulled over on the side of a mountain road to take as I left the Hohe Tauern National Park.

 For more photos including those from days 2 and 3, see Winter Wonderland, Day 1.5 at Hohe Tauern National Park and Thank God for This Beautiful View

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