06 April 2012

Thank God for This Beautiful View

Back in the day, when I was single and living in Washington, DC, I used to drive the 11 plus hours alone back to my parents in East Grand Rapids, Michigan for holidays and other functions.  Often the 11.5 hours dragged into 15 or more hours, because on holiday weekends, it can take a good couple hours just to get out of the DC metropolitan area, and if there was any sort of accident or road construction, it would be down right brutal to get back home.  However, it's been about 10 years, since I've had to drive any sort of distance alone.

So today, when I hit the Autobahn alone, I did what I used to, I cranked up the music and belted it out with my favorite artists. Back then probably Indigo Girls, but today it was mostly Tina Dickow and Adele.

"Room With A View"

And just like back when I lived in DC, everyone was leaving Munich for Easter, and I was stuck in many traffic jams, or Stau.  At one point, when I was doing my best Adele impression, I noticed that I was entertaining some of my fellow travelers.  The drive was supposed to only take about 2.5, but it was closer to 4 by the time I got here.

The last hour of my drive made the first 3 totally worth it.  Up and into the Austrian Alps on my way towards my destination, Hohe Tauern, the view was utterly breathtaking.  I'm only sad that I was driving, because I couldn't take photos out of the side of the car, though twice I did pull over to take a couple shots. 

 And, when I walked into the room where I'm staying, and pulled back the curtains, all, I could say was "Thank God for This Beautiful View." 


Danette said...

Looks beautiful. Looking forward to your pictures when you return!

Pernille said...

I love that you are in love with her music now as well :) And that you write her name the real way and not the way the record company thought she should write it when they put out her music in the rest of Europe.

Next time she is here we should go :)