12 April 2012

Guest post by Katya Barry

10 Types of Results That Can Be Produced.

Hello everyone, my name is Katya Barry. I met Diana five years ago (gosh, it's been a while now) during pre-natal classes in Munich when both of us were expecting our first children. Our kids, Maxi and Marie, have grown to become very close and there is that interesting spark between them, god knows what it is, but something makes those two have the best time ever, even though they both behave like cheeky monkeys! It must the 'foreign' kids syndrome or something!

I have another child, Elena, who was born 18 months after Marie, so I've been kind of busy doing the mummy thing for the past few years. So busy, that I have had enough! LOL! Working for woman is truly a luxury here (Diana can tell you all about it) so I've decided to create a perfect opportunity for myself and go solo. And so, I am now an International Business and Career Coach and Trainer. What it means is that I help foreigners discover and create personal and professional opportunities outside of their home lands. I break borders and create new rules. I use various coaching and training methods to support my clients to not only achieve their goals but take it one step further and achieve the right balance in life and basic human happiness.

On this note I'd like to share with you the types of results that can be produced when working with a coach.

1.       Financial-more money is made(bingo!)

2.       Legacy-you can leave you mark on civilization

3.       Improvement-things get better (happyJ)

4.       Reduction-things get more simple

5.       Integrity-things get stronger

6.       Expansion-things get BIGGER

7.       Awareness-people get smarter (including yourself)

8.       Energy-people get touched (ahhhh...)

9.       Value-people left with more (oh yes!)

10.   Momentum-people move faster (Ferrari)

I hope that gives you some ideas on the type of changes or adjustments you might like to make in your life.

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I wish you all a fab weekend ahead and you'll hear from me again bright and early on Monday, 16 April. Ciao!

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