01 April 2012

Time for Passport Renewal

Remember, this post a couple years ago, when I talked about getting passport photos made for my children?  Well, five years later, Maxi's passport is about to expire, and it's time to get him a new one.  Still, the United States has somewhat comedic requirements when applying for the passport of a minor child. They require a biometric photo, height and hair color on the application for a passport that will be valid for the next five years.

Hm mm...  Lets see, how much Maxi changed over five years since his last passport application.

2007 Application
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color:  What hair? Is that fuzz stuff considered hair?
Height (or Length would be more appropriate, as he wasn't yet walking): 53cm or 1'9"
Passport Photo:  

2012 Application
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond, but it is getting darker every year
Height: 112cm or 3'8"
Passport Photo:

In my last post on passports, I talked about how hard it is to get a biometric photo of a baby, well, it was a bit easier this time, but not much.  This time, Maxi was wide awake for his photo, but trying to get him to not smile or open his mouth was almost impossible. See, how that left corner of his mouth is itching to go up into a smile...Good thing the photographer was quick.  Go figure, considering when I want him to smile for the camera, he refuses.

I wonder what he will look like in five years, when he is almost 10.

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Danette said...

He looks so serious in the picture. So unlike the Max I know. I bet it was hard for him not to smile. Still as cute as a button even without a smile. I bet he looks more like this photo in five years than he did the last one!