10 April 2012

Off To Tuscany...

I'm writing this quite late at night, and I've not quite finished packing, but tomorrow the children and I are leaving for Italy.  It will be my first vacation alone with the children.  My first vacation since separation.  Originally my friend Amanda and her dog Asia were supposed to join us, but after a series of unfortunate circumstances, they had to cancel.

So I really will have to do it all alone, and while I'm a bit scared, I'm also looking forward to learning how to do it alone.  I'm not about to let being alone prevent my children and I from traveling, and I'm looking forward to this next challenge, and I'm sure it will be an adventure. 

While we are there, we are going to be disconnecting from the Internet, so I've asked some friends and fellow writers to guest blog for me while I'm gone.  As soon as I return, I'm sure I'll have loads to share about our first solo vacation as our new family of three.

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katya said...

You are going to gave a blast! Enjoy!